What is CityStar?




We would like to tell you about my company and its purpose. Its not complicated, and our city directory sites are surprisingly easy to get into. Knowing where your competition is listed in CityStar, the international business directory, gives you an advantage. Check out the CityStar sites in your area. You will learn about the 42 categories in CityStar, and the best fit for various types of businesses.

In your business, you need to be well-positioned in a Web directory, because that is where the top search results on Google most often link. An individual business, as a rule, gets lost in these search results, and finds itself on the second or third page of search engine results, if theyre lucky. Thats not where a business hoping for success wants to be.

You can pay per click for keywords in the major search engines. Thats really expensive. In the long run, it is likely to be unsustainable.

You should understand how todays Internet is structured, and by doing so, bring your business into CityStar and thereby provide something it needs for long-term success.

I was speaking to a friend today, and mentioned the worldwide expansion of CityStar, and when he understood what it is, he said, Id be interested in that. In my line of work, if it brought in just two customers a year, it pays for itself. This is a guy who charters fishing trips and captains the boat for deep-sea fishing. He wants a national ad, since his customers come from all over the United States.

What was he thinking?

He told me, quite candidly, that the future of advertising is on the Web, and he needs to be where his potential customers are looking for chartered fishing trips. Its that simple.

Why do you want to purchase an online ad for your business? Answer: Because print ads are in decline.

Everyone searches the Internet for what they want. The future is on the Web. Your competition is already there. Many clients tell us they missed out on the beginnnings of the Web and are trying to catch up, and some have been at that for some time. Some with little success.

In reality, CityStar is not difficult to work with. What we provide is fundamental to the business cycle: Exposure. Your potential customers need to see your business in black and white, with a screenshot of your homepage, in order for your business to enter into their buying equation.

In my workshop, Internet Marketing 101, our prospective customers learn why some sites are more successful than others. They find out why its important to give back to the internet, about the Google paradigm, piggyback marketing and other Internet marketing strategies that really work. Its priceless information, and it can change everything for you.

CityStar.com was developed as the International Business Directory by CityStar Group, Inc., a Colorado based media company. For over 15 years, CityStar has been a leader in technology, interactivity, and multimedia. The people who created CityStar have collective decades of experience creating entertaining and informational media.

Today, CityStar is a network of 302 city portal sites attracting up to 15 million hits a month. The network has been extensively promoted via TV, radio, print media, outdoor advertising, direct mail and on the Web. Thousands of Web sites have linked to CityStar, and its pages have top positions in major search engines for thousands of keywords. There are thousands of websites listed in the International Business Directory.

CityStars administrative and support facilities are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and its servers are in Colorado Springs, Los Angeles CA and Houston TX.

The company was founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado in December, 1994. Within a year, a simple website was posted, and the domain citystar.com was registered in December, 1996. In 1998, the site was first organized into a local Colorado Springs business directory. In December, 1999, CityStar was established as a C corp in Colorado.

CityStar first became a federally registered trademark in 2002. That same year, starting with 33 sites in Colorado, 302 unique city websites were gradually added for cities in 47 U.S. states, Great Britain and 19 other countries. Each of the CityStar city directories includes listings for resources in other nearby cities, covering a total of over 4,908 cities and towns.

Early in CityStars history, we established strategic alliances with local community groups such as Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Better Business Bureaus and Chambers of Commerce of various cities.

In the Internet community, we have strived to be good citizens as well, working with Google, Yahoo! and Dexknows.com to create relevance in our local city sites. We have presented dozens of workshops on Internet marketing through our partnership with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado and various local community groups and library districts.

We hope that you will join us by adding your site to CityStar today.


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